DEFY DAMAGE – A whole new way to protect, strengthen and re-build hair bonds that starts to work BEFORE bleach or color ever touch the hair! From to salon till your daily protection at home.

The Pro Series

With the new salon exclusive Defy Damage ProSeries stylists can literally ‘defy damage’ and at the same time optimize results of every color and lightening service. In two easy steps, the ProSeries 1 and 2 protect and strengthen hair bonds (before, during, and after every chemical applicaiton) – thus ensuring the healthiest looking and feeling hair.

The Home Series

At home, consumers can continue to defy damage daily with the home maintenance products that protect all hair types from the ravaging effects of daily heat styling, UV exposure and environmental pollution that lead to dry, dull, lacklustre locks. The new formulas help protect and strengthen hair for a healthy hair results you can instantly see and feel.



Defy Damage Pro Series 1

Bond-protecting color optimizer spray

Step 1 of the in-salon service. A powerful, ultra-dry, spray on bond protector that instantly shields hair from chemical service damage, improves color deposit, and provides greater lift when bleaching.

Professional use only

  • Usage advice amount – normal density / medium length
  • Ca 5 grams = approx. 50 applications from a can


Bond-strengthening color preserver

Step 2 of the in-salon treatment. An intensive bond strengthening treatment to help replenish bonds, strengthen hair and hydrate, for damage resistant, healthy-looking hair in just one use.

Professional use only

  • Usage advice amount – normal density / medium length
  • Ca 10 ml = approx. 50 applications per bottle

Defy Damage Protective Shampoo

for bond-strengthening & color longevity

With a rich, luxurious lather, this gentle daily cleanser protects hair both in the salon and at home with damage-prevention ingredients; swiftly sloughing away dirt, impurities, and build-up without roughing up the hair cuticle or stripping vibrant color.
The results are shiny, smooth, clean strands — wonderfully resilient and healthy. This rich, sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses away impurities while helping boost hair’s natural defense against all types of daily damage.

  • In-Salon: for gentle cleansing at the back bar.
  • At Home: Gently removes dirt and build-up without roughing the hair cuticle.

Defy Damage Protective Conditioner

for bond-strengthening & color longevity

This daily conditioner replenishes lost moisture, restores softness, and boosts hair’s resilience against breakage.

  • In-Salon: for everyday conditioning at the back bar.
  • At Home: for moisture replacement, daily defense and resilience.

Defy Damage Protective Masque

for bond-regenerating & color protection

Luxurious, creamy treatment that helps to strengthen hair and protect against split ends, breakage and other damage.

  • At Home: for intensive hair replenishment along with protection from mechanical, thermal and environmental damage.

Defy Damage Protective Shield

to help prevention of Thermal & UV damage

A true damage defense hero against the harsh effects of daily styling and exposure to UV and environmental pollution, Defy Damage Protective Shield helps prevent damage and guards against color fade for beautiful, vibrant, healthy looking hair. Used prior to styling, hair is fortified inside and out.
This essential daily leave-in provides powerful, all-day protection from thermal, physical and UV damage.

  • In-Salon: for protection when heat styling. Leaves hair soft, smooth and unbelievably luminous.
  • At Home: Use daily to protect hair from the damaging effects of daily styling and environmental exposure.


  • My hair feels really lovely, smooth and light

    Paul Watts Model
  • My hair feels so much healthier than when I came in and a lot shinier

    Stephanie Spillebeen Model
  • You can instantly see that the hair is a lot healthier and shinier when using ProSeries 1

    Dom Seeley UK
  • I do feel a difference. It feels stronger, it feels really light, it feels nourished, it’s bouncy, it’s gorgeous, I just love it!

    Dom Seeley Model
  • I loved that after using ProSeries 1 the results were already visible for the client

    Jason Hogan UK
  • The advantage of Defy Damage is that you can actually show to clients what you are doing

    Paul Watts UK
  • I’m impressed with how smooth and how healthy my hair feels

    Charlotte Jacob Model
  • Honestly, I’m really impressed. My hair was bleached but it’s so shiny and so soft now. I have never had it bleached where it felt this healthy

    Gill Berry Model
  • When I arrive here today my hair was a bit frizzy and now it feels nice and soft, and silky. It feels much better

    Maurice Klostermann Model
  • I feel a massive difference in my hair. It’s a lot shinier, it’s all one even color, it’s a lot softer. Everything about it is just so much nicer

    Marcus Köhler Model
  • The difference between this morning when I came in and now is that my hair looks much shinier, it feels softer

    Lotte van Gompel Model
  • The ProSeries 1 definitely change the structure of the hair. Almost instantly I can feel the difference in the cuticle. It felt a lot smoother

    Gill Berry UK